Where is Reverse Engineering Used?

The basis of reverse engineering is 3D computer-aided design called CAD, computer-aided production called CAD, and the methods used in the production of 3D virtual models. Briefly; It is the analysis of the design and functional properties of an object or system covering the production stages. With this method you can discover all the engineering secrets. This phenomenon has emerged in recent years with the development of technology. In the past, the most important weapon of engineers was pencil and paper. But now all projects are done with computer support. This not only made the work of engineers easier, but also made the projects more perfect. In order to obtain the data of your parts that are intended to be produced, which are planned to be modified or improved, but you only have a sample available on a computer environment, it takes a long time to make CAD drawings by measuring the parts using old methods, and precise results cannot be obtained from this process.

Where is reverse engineering used?

Reverse engineering allows the physical dimensions, properties and material properties of a component to be determined, thereby reproducing an existing part. Reverse engineering is frequently used in industrial areas, military projects and software technologies. It is possible to say that even Facebook and Snapchat applications are an example of reverse engineering. Now even warplanes, unmanned aerial drones and similar weapons have started to be produced with this technology. You can be sure that you will encounter this innovative technology in many areas in the near future.

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