What is Engineering? Best Engineering Company

All products, structures and devices that ensure the order of the world are the result of engineering. An engineer is a professional who designs and performs technical aspects of issues such as mining, water and electricity works, road bridges, buildings, ships and aircraft construction. The concept in which this profession is made is engineering. With the advancement of technology, engineering branches began to proliferate. Advanced computers replaced manual drawings. In this way, the projects started to become more successful. Engineering companies are now trying to specialize in their own fields. Because ordinary engineering jobs don’t get much attention anymore. Engineering companies that produce more creative, creative and different projects are more popular.

Engineering; It is the work done by experts trained in fields such as construction, road, bridge, landscaping, building, public works, agriculture, nutrition, food, physics, chemistry, biology, electricity, electronics, aircraft and ships, based on meeting all kinds of needs of people. In short, It is the consideration of safety, economy and aesthetics in meeting needs. Reverse engineering is the basis of engineering. From a philosophical point of view, classical engineering is the achievement of completeness from uniqueness. But the principle of reverse engineering has the purpose of achieving uniqueness from completeness. The people who can make artistic designs and put them into practice are professional engineers! In fact, at this point, the science of evolution in the sense of R & D is being studied by the current science with the of reverse engineering and the current scientific understanding of linear engineering exists.