Our company produces spare parts using certified materials for different sectors. Particularly gears and other parts for machinery, equipment, work machines and transportation vehicles used in the energy, mining, textile, construction sectors and special-purpose machinery parts are within the scope of our field of activity. We have the ability to manufacture all kinds of machine parts. Networking with our business partners makes us more creative. We review the quality by testing during the production phases.

Satisfaction of our customers with quality results is our happiness.

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Spur Gear, Bevel Gear, Internal Gear, Planetary Gear, Rack Gear, Helical Gear,

Parts for steam turbines and other steam turbines,

Parts and accessories for hydraulic turbines and water wheels,

Components and parts for gas turbines,

Components and parts for hydraulic and pneumatic power machines and engines,

Engine and machine parts and parts,

Hydraulic power motors and machinery parts and parts,

Components and parts for impulse motors,

Components and parts of liquid pumps and liquid elevators,

Parts for air or vacuum pumps, air or gas compressors, fans and hoods,

Bearing parts; balls, needles and rollers,

Components and parts for knuckle-link chains,

Parts for bearing sleeves, flywheels, pulleys and couplings,

Components and parts for gearboxes and speed adjusters,

Parts for couplings and couplings,

Parts for fuel oil, pulverized solid fuel or gas fuel furnace burners and mechanical coal conveyors,

Parts and accessories for non-electric ovens and stoves specific for use in industry and laboratories,

Parts and parts of lifting and carrying devices,

Hoists, heavy lifters, forklifts, other machinery and devices specific to lifting, handling, loading and unloading, and parts and components for trolleys,

Parts and accessories of elevators, skip elevators or escalators,

Parts for self-propelled trolleys and railway station platforms not equipped with hoists for short distances in factories, warehouses, ports or airports,

Parts and parts of cooling and freezing devices and heat pumps,

Parts and accessories of air conditioners,

Parts and parts of fire extinguishers,

Parts of gas or water gas generators,

Parts for machinery and apparatus for filtration or purification of liquids and gases,

Parts of dishwashers, washing, cleaning, filling and packaging machines,

Parts and parts of agricultural and forestry machinery,

Other components and parts of cast iron or steel,

Parts and parts of machinery and devices specific to the harvesting and threshing of agricultural products,

Components and parts of pneumatic tools,

Parts and accessories of drilling, burial and digging machines; parts of cranes,

Parts and parts of weaving and spinning machines,

Parts of textile, clothing and leather processing machinery,

Parts and accessories of household or laundry type washing machines,

Parts of machinery for washing, cleaning, ironing and similar operations of textile yarn, fabrics and textile materials,

Parts of motorized tanks and other armored combat vehicles,

Parts and parts of machines used in paper and cardboard production,

Parts of special purpose machines,

Parts and accessories of electrical appliances,

Parts of electric motors and generators,

Components and parts of carrier axles.