What is The Engineering Design Process ?

Design is the foundation of engineering. Product design, project design, object design and any other kind of design must proceed in a certain plan and program. Otherwise, it is possible that there will be a problem in the production phase and in the final controls. Mathematics and design are very important in engineering. Accurate measurements and, most importantly, correct operation of the process are the factors that bring success. Design is an idea that exists primarily in the mind, but this idea includes the dynamics of making a form and is embodied as an object that has acquired a form in the process of formation. Accordingly, in every design phenomenon there is an idea and a subject formed according to this idea.

Engineering design process

There are several stages of the engineering design process. It is very important that these stages are compatible with each other. It includes stages such as research, conceptualization of the product or project, feasibility, determination of everything necessary for the design, demo design, detailed design, production plan and production.

Engineering design process steps

Identifying the problem, providing a solution proposal, determining the general characteristics of the design, drafting and developing it, the production stage, evaluating and testing, and finally presenting the product or project. All these are the steps of the Engineering design process. If a project or production is carried out according to these stages, it is certain that this project will be a success. It is important to use these stages in any field. The steps of the process do not change, but there may be some changes in the content and duration.

What is the engineering design process?

The stages we have listed above are engineering design process. The engineering design process begins with the definition of the problem. The problem is defined as a question or issue that needs to be solved with the help of rules. When choosing a problem, issues such as material, time and cost should be taken into account in the production of possible solutions and product design. In short, it is a set of steps that an engineer follows to go from an idea or need to a manufactured product or process. In other words, it is a cycle because you keep repeating the steps sequentially to constantly improve your product or process.

What are the steps of the engineering design process?

The engineering design process begins with the analysis of its prospects. Requests are created and submitted to the relevant departments and Senior Management, taking into account complaints, competing product features/advantages and costs, if any, from the existing product. With the approval of Senior Dec, R & D analyzes incoming requests and determines the development and changes to be made on the product. After preliminary feasibility, the first models of the product with the necessary alternatives are prepared. The project unit checks the models and decides to start the design work of the product.