We provide support to our customers in the production of machine and parts, in the planning and design phases. Our aim is to produce quality and efficient work with our expertise and experience.

From the drawing to the production stage, we stand by your side in every stage with our engineering staff where you want to create new ideas, but fail to combine them with the design.

Producing quality, efficient work and products is our main priority as a company, and at this point, we are happy to work with you. Our greatest motivation continues to be the satisfaction of our customers with our work we are producing, and designs, and the trouble-free operation of the product.

We carry out processes such as the emergence of the concept in product design processes, mechanical design implementation, and drawing production in coordination with our customers. In the production phase, we complete the assembly process after the emergence of the modules in the process that starts with the selection of materials and delivering the product to you.

As an engineering company based in Turkey, Zirkon produces solutions to meet the equipment, machine parts, and equipment and other needs of companies operating in the energy, mining, construction, machinery sectors in various countries of the world.

The company’s main activities include mechanical design, reverse engineering, welding engineering, machinery and equipment design and production, special engineering solutions, and measurement services.