Design and Engineering Relationship

The design process is the foundation of the engineering service. Depending on the needs of the customers, the focused service or product is the whole of theoretical and applied studies as planned beforehand. Briefly; it is the transfer of the idea planned to be produced to the drawing. The production of the undesigned product cannot be planned. Therefore, the relationship between engineering and design is very important. The problems detected during the production phase are solved by making a deliberate design. While preparing the design of a product or project; functionality, usability, working style and all other details are discussed. Engineering is a branch that helps in considering the possibilities and risks of mathematical calculations necessary to put forward a design.

Design and Engineering relationship

The production and development process depends on how perfect the design is. If the design is not done well, the success of the product or project is also doubtful. Design is the first step of engineering. Recently, hand drawing has been replaced by professional design applications. Of course, this is a milestone and an excellent advantage for the engineering world. Engineers and engineering companies that follow technology and innovations are always successful. Design starts with the formation of different disciplines and proceeds in the same way. The design made to meet the need is also effective in eliminating the problems. Dreams with a good design are put on paper. With this design, the process starts and is completed according to the design details. Do not leave the design, otherwise the product or project cannot be continued.